Oct 1, 2007


Kya-kya it's a China Town That Turns Into a Spacious Outdoor Eating Place at Night.

Kya-kya Kembang Jepun is in shooping center, Kembang Jepun Street that is the center of eastern Indonesia trade and economy. In the night, this place turns into center of local foods, national, even international. Local foods like lontong balap, empek-empek Palembang, Nasi Padang and also Chinese foods and European - American foods.

kya kya china town

It presents the warm situation feeling of dinner recreation by providing unlimited food and beverage with the typical food / beverage of the local area ( cookery Tionghoa, the middle east cookery, Indonesia cookery) even invite the youngsters victuals; included of Snack, ( burger, pizza, etc) and traditional snack ( Surabaya and area).

To glorious this situation of night, it presents small entertainment amusement podium (light music) both traditional music and also modern music ( tionghoa, arab, jawa) even contemporary (poem etc) or which known by the public ( dangdut, gambus, etc) or which appreciative ( jazz etc), without bother the possibility of the performing of spiritual event (at night in religious days). It also provides promotion space of trade or hold an artistic exhibition or exhibition of trade / small-scale craft.

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