May 18, 2017

Providing Quality Services in Semarang Hotels

Semarang is stunning city surrounded with the aid of beautiful hills, valleys and rice fields. Being an important port, this city serve as an important commercial center. The gaining reputation of this town has brought about the construction of a huge number of hotels in Semarang, so that the guests can enjoy a comfortable vacation in the city.

choose the best hotels in Semarang

How to reach Semarang

Semarang is well-connected with other destinations via Ahmad Yani International Airport located close to the city centre. worldwide travelers can arrive at this metropolis by using catching a flight to be had on day by day foundation from any principal metropolis in Indonesia. Many airlines offer daily flights to Jakarta from this city on regular basis. besides home flights, Garuda Indonesia airline also gives flights to Singapore 4 times per week. The city is also well connected to Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya by train and offer good links via roads.

Tourist Attractions in Semarang

Jepara is a beautiful small village closer to the northeast of Semarang. This village is popular for its stunningly beautiful beaches and a Portuguese Fort. Semarang is a metropolis and feature influences of colonial Dutch era in its buildings and structures. Watching the traditional Wayang puppet performance is another interesting activity to enjoy in the city.

Hotels in Semarang

There are a number of different accommodation options available in the city. There are different hotels, lodges, resorts and apartments offering good facilities and a choice to choose the best hotel. Travelers looking budget accommodation can stay at cheap hotels with exact services. Families and couples can pick the luxurious lodges and motels and special budget hotels. You could e book a hotels in Semarang with the assist of the net internet reservation facility.

Semarang is one of the popular towns of Indonesia and the capital of the primary Java Province. The gaining popularity of this city has led to the construction of a large number of hotels in Semarang, so that the guests can enjoy a comfortable vacation in the city.

Buton Diving Destination - Why is it Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Buton Island in Southeast Sulawesi is becoming an increasingly popular scuba diving destination in its own right, and this comes as no surprise considering it is so close to the world renowned Wakatobi diving region. What surprises is that Buton hasn't been discovered as a top diving destination before now.

Buton Island scuba diving destination

So why is Buton becoming an increasingly popular diving destination?

Probably because in the last couple years a few keen divers living on Buton Island have got tired of trekking off to the Wakatobi for diving trips every weekend, and decided to start exploring the coral reefs a bit closer to home. They were excited by what they found and then started inviting other diver friends to visit and explore the diverse range of dive sites that Buton has to offer.

Divers from Indonesia's big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung, often don't have enough free time to visit the Wakatobi, which is slightly harder to access, so they often opt for long weekend dive trips to Buton, where they get great diving and can still get home in time for work on Monday morning.

The international diving community are also starting to take notice of the diving that Buton has to offer. Divers visiting the Wakatobi often have to transit in Bau-Bau, and it is becoming popular for them to hop off and spend a few days diving around Buton. Why? Because surprisingly the diving experience you get is very different to the Wakatobi diving experience. Many of the coral, fish, and invertebrate species which are commonly seen when diving around Buton are in fact very different to those seen when diving around the Wakatobi, and visa versa.

In a nutshell the Wakatobi is mainly wall diving, whereas Buton has a lot of sandy slopes, hence the species residing in these two areas being quite different. There are also Buton dive sites which offer great muck dives and are always popular with Photographers. Favourite things that divers come specifically to dive around Buton for are; the elusive mandarin fish, frog fish, scorpion fish, ghost pipe fish, nudibranches, turtles, the white-tipped and black-tipped reef sharks, and eagle rays.

So that's why Buton is coming a popular scuba diving destination. If you are diving in the Wakatobi and have time, try and include Buton in your trip too, as it really will offer you a more complete Southeast Sulawesi diving experience. Alternatively if you don't have enough time to visit the Wakatobi, Buton offers a great alternative for some top class diving

May 15, 2017

Flores Island is Right Place For Adventurous Travelers

The word Flores is first of all given by using Portuguese who reached the island about 15 th century ago. The Flores archipelago itself is countless in range. Beginning inside the west lies Komodo Island where the biggest Lizard within the world may be visible.

Flores Island is Right Place For Adventurous Travelers

The sea around also offers remarkable coral reefs to discover, where home for reef sharks and tropical fish. The spotlight island's attraction are the three coloured lakes (blue, green and black) of Kelimutu volcano at east of Komodo island, marine life and Komodo Dragons. Labuan Bajo is perfect location to discover untouched coral in Komodo national Park. Maumere offers the opportunity to explore great marine lifestyles and have round forty extraordinary diving websites inside the Marine lawn of the Maumere Bay.

Maumere Bay has black sand and inhabit as a minimum at the least 1200 species of fishes. Nowadays the reefs have regenerated properly and nonetheless world elegance dive sites. High-quality partitions covered in sea fanatics, soft corals and invertebrate blanketed overhangs along side a few pristine difficult coral gardens.The coral of Flores sea are among the oldest in the international and are still in pristine condition.The coral flowers preserved in stone. In Wai Terang, simply off the coast of Flores Mainland. Here you'll find jap international struggle 2 freighter wrecks, which now's blanketed with soft and tough corals and harbouring small fish life.

Banda Island is Considered to Be One of the Finest Diving Paradise on Earth

Banda Island is considered to be one of the finest diving paradise on earth with brilliant corals and colourful fish darting via the crystal clean waters.

Banda Island is Considered to Be One of the Finest Diving Paradise on Earth

Banda Islands lie in the middle of nowhere in the wide open and deep Banda sea. Banda Islands are a group of total ten volcanic islands and part of Maluku Province. Banda Islands are also known as Spice Island, due to their production of world's only source of spices nutmeg and mace in the middle of 19th century ago. The Banda Islands offer beautiful tropical scenery and a number of the globe's maximum pristine, biologically numerous coral reefs. This mass of Banda Islands rise through lapping shores of Sulawesi Island to the west, Alor Island to the South and Papua Island to the east.

The seas around Banda Island are web site of the well-known Maluku sea gardens with their brilliant corals and colourful fish darting via the crystal clean waters.Highlight among reef walls are the presence of large marine Life, like reef fish, sharks,turtles,ray,lobsters. Interesting diving sites around Banda Islands are Sonegat, Lontor Island, Batu Belanda, Hatta Island, Keraka/crabs Island, Sjahrir Island, Gunung api and Ai Island. Ai Island is the best diving site. Both north west and south west of Ai Island are ringed with flawless coral walls. Banda Islands can be reached by plane or by boat.

May 10, 2017

The Best Choice Luxury Hotels Near Jakarta International Airport!

Located approximately 12 miles from Jakarta, The Soerkarno-Hatta International Airport has been provided a number of accommodation facilities provided in vicinity of the airport to facilitate Jakarta flights takers. These facilities range from low cost to luxurious one. Accommodation facilities here include;

The Best Choice Luxury Hotels Near Jakarta International Airport

InterContinental Mid Plaza: It is a stylish hotel of refined elegance. The reason why people taking flights with flights to Jakarta prefer this hotel is its location and easy access to business districts. It has a marvelous building that has a modern design and clad in black marble with brown polished wood. It has a big set up with 321 rooms including 74 suites, 50 Club rooms and 1 Presidential Suite. This hotel become favorite to stay for Business travelers of cheap Jakarta flights.

Somerset Grand Citra, Jakarta: It is an ideal place to stay for business as well as leisure travelers. It offers 203 beautifully decorated accommodation units that are facilitated with modern amenities. This place is conveniently close to the Convention Center, Shopping Centers, Embassies, business destinations, and a wide variety of dining and entertainment.

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta: This hotel is located at drive of around 40 minutes from Jakarta International airport. It has 7 restaurants, 2 lounge/bar to cater to any food preferences, 289 spacious rooms and suites in two adjacent buildings, including a lavish 412 sqm Presidential Suite with its private spa. The recreational facilities at this nice place include swimming pool, gymnasium and spa services. This hotel will give you an easy access to Many famous places likes; National Museum, Monas, Taman Mini, Kemang and Surabaya arts market street can an easy access from this hotel.

Merlynn Park Hotel: With a choice of comfortable rooms, dining venues, meeting facilities and recreation, has provides food each prerequisite of travelers taking Jakarta flights It has 301 comfortable and nicely equipped rooms. This Hotel is popular among both business and leisure travelers alike as it has a perfect mix of individual or business travel choices.

Ijen Crater a Volcanic Tourism Attraction in East Java, Indonesia

Many volcanic tourism attraction in East Java, Indonesia one of the them are Ijen Crater or Kawah Ijen. Because the beautiful and charming nature Ijen carter became the famous tourism object by the domestic and foreign tourists.

Ijen Crater a Volcanic Tourism Attraction in East Java, Indonesia

The best time to enjoy the crater scenery is at morning, when the yellow sunlight glows the yellow water and shines the surrounding mountain like mount Merapi, the sister of Mount Ijen. At 2 pm, the crater is closed for the reason that the thick smoke from the crater that is poisonous.

There are many beautiful species of plants and various animals that can be found, such as; the edelweiss flower and the Casuarina Junghu, etc for the plants and jungle fowl and porcupine for animals. Located of Ijen Carter with a 92 hectares tourism forest and 2,386 meters high from the depth of the sea makes the temperature in the is among 2 to 8 degree centigrade.

From Surabaya, you can use the public transportation to reach Ijen Crater with the route as follow:

To reach Ijen Crater from Surabaya, we can use the public transportation with the route as follow:

- Surabaya - Bondowoso : 180 km with public bus
- Bondowoso - Paltuding : 68 km with public transport
- Paltuding - to the location : 2 km taking walks

The coffee plantation and the green of Arabica coffee trees are really an exciting scene to enjoy the tourists in Bondowoso route.

The volcano complex of Ijen is a group of stratovolcanoes, in East Java, Indonesia. With inside a larger caldera, which is about 20 kilometers wide.

The Ijen volcano is located in West of Merapi mountain, which has a one-kilometer-wide turquoise-colored acid crater lake. The lake is the site of a labor-intensive sulfur mining operation, in which sulfur-laden baskets are carried by hand from the crater ground. Many other put up-caldera and craters are positioned within the caldera or along its rim. The largest concentration of post-caldera cones forms an E-W-trending zone across the southern side of the caldera. The active Ijen crater has an equivalent radius of 361 meters, a surface of 41 × 106 square meters. It is 200 meters deep and has a volume of 36 × 106 cubic meters.