Jun 28, 2008

Why World Wide Tourists Interesting to Visit Bali

Bali is one of thousand islands in Indonesia South East Asia. Bali is so popular with Bali bombing tragedies that happened on 2002 still interesting to visit. The Bali bombing tragedies make many international facilities, like Hotel, Air Port, big café and night club is keeping with detector. The improvement of Information Communication technology like internet connection, make Bali Island more popular than before. The world wide tourists that come there depend of the season. Europe and American tourist always come on June until July, but Asian tourist interested in coming on August. The domestic tourist more interested in coming on September until December, because the month is full students holiday so that the parent will follow the situation.

why reason world wide tourists interisting visit Bali

Nyepi is religion day that Bali Island closed to people out side. No light, car passing or store opened. The Balinese will stay at home, no eating, and light. The Ngurah Ray Air Port as International Air port is closed, no departure and arriving passengers.

The Bali bombing by terrorist make bad image and deep impressed to people world wide so that the people decide to build Bali bombing monument at Kuta. Australian and American come there to pry for the victims.

Many reasons why people world wide interested in coming to Bali Island,

Pure culture
Bali people follow strong Hinduism. They devote their life to the Hindu religion. You will see many puras when going around there. The Balinese tradition life from birth until death, followed by ceremony. You can see Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi, ngaben and others ceremony at Bali.

The artist from Bali creates many dances because of soul of art. The statue was created there reflect of Hinduism. You can see the Kecak and Barongsai dance performance from small village until five stars Hotel. It is not astonished, Balinese never interfered by others culture, although people world wide come there never stopped.

Friendly people
Balinese is popular with smiling face. They are always friendly to others and welcome to new comers. You will feel like at your home.

Excellent craft
Balinese tend to be artist. They like to paint, carving and make others beautiful craft. You can visit Antonio Blanco Museum, the painter that married to Balinese woman, Sukowati Art market center. You are always followed by craft seller whenever you go. They always beg you to buy the crafts.

Beautiful places to visit
You never have time to rest when you are at Bali. There many interesting places, you should visit. The scenery is so natural, let’s see Nusa Dua beach that have International cruise ship, bedugul, Tanpak siring that have president palace. Kuta and Legian beach with international facilities or Tanah lot, is beach especially for praying.

Save to stay
The regency of Bali and Indonesian police try to improve the security Bali after Bali bombing tragedies. Star hotel and café with international reputation with detector facilities.

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Why World Wide Tourists Interesting to Visit Bali
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