Jun 26, 2008

Tanjung Kodok a Beautiful Beach with Wonderful Panorama

Tanjung Kodok (Frog Cape) is located about 65 km from Surabaya, Lamongan regency. It is easier to get there from Gresik along Daendels road. Tanjung Kodok gained international renown as the focus of international research during the total solar eclipse on June 11, 1983. It is a peaceful seaside resort, and also a resting place for pilgrims to the tombs of two Moslem saints, Sunan Drajad and Sunan Sendang Duwur. The place derives its name, Tanjung Kodok, from a stone formation, which resembles a frog ("kodok").

Tanjung Kodok beautiful beach with wonderful panorama

Tanjung Kodok (Frog Cape) is a beautiful beach with wonderful panorama, which has been known by the people for along time. When the solar eclipse happened on June 11, 1983 many astronomers from all over the word and NASA of USA had a research in this place. Every years many Moslem astronomers come here to see the first coming of the moon to determined the beginning of the fasting period and Idul Fitri day. Ketupat is held here every years. This beach is every easy to reach by private or public transport.

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Tanjung Kodok a Beautiful Beach with Wonderful Panorama
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