Jun 26, 2008

Segara Anakan a Beautiful Lagoon in Sempu Island

Sempu Island is located about 60 km to south from Malang, East Java. Technically, this Island is a natural conservation area, no population, except wildlife.

Heard that deer, panthers, black monkey, crabs, atc live here, but on our way to the lagoon, not even one we found them.

To reach Sempu Island from Malang we just need to follow a very beautiful road passing the little villages of Turen and Sumbermanjing Wetan as well as hilly, natural surroundings, until we found Sendang Biru area.

It's a fisherman villages facing Sempu Island, separate by a channel roughly 0.5 km wide, runs from southwest to northeast between Sempu Island and Sendang Biru.

From Sendang Biru, we need to crossed the channel by wooden boat and since there is no pier in the Island, we stop at Cave (Teluk) named Teluk Semut and directly got in the water to reach the edge of the island.

Destination at Sempu Island is a Lagoon named Segara Anakan that lies in the other point of the island. Therefore, we need to walked in to the jungle across the middle of the island.

Segara Anakan is a beautiful Lagoon separated by a high rock from Indian Ocean. It’s watery by sea from a hole at the rock.

It’s very beautiful and quite with the white sand spreading at a side of lagoon and high rock at the other side.

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Segara Anakan a Beautiful Lagoon in Sempu Island
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