Jul 8, 2008

How to Get and Accommodation to White Sand Beach in Lampung

White Sand Beach, or Pantai Pasir Putih, in Indonesian truly describes the atmosphere. The enticing white sand refreshes the eyes and feeds the soul with the burning energy to explore. Only 20 kilometers away from Bandar Lampung, this spot has gained more and more popularity these days.

how to get and accommodation to white sand beach in lampung

Getting There
By a car passing Trans Sumatera road from Lampung, you will reach this place in about 30 minutes. You can also ride public transportation from Lampung straight to White Sand Beach.

Where to Stay
You can stay at inns and hotels in Bandar Lampung. Should you wish to spend the night in the middle of the island, you can stay at an inn in Condong Island. The furnishing is simple yet comfortable. A luxurious villa is available in Bule Island. Also, you can find inns on the road to Pasir Putih.

Moving Around
On foot. Or you can use a motorboat to visit nearby islands.

Dining Guide
Visit the nearby inns and hotels for food. Alternatively, you can bring your own lunch.

Souvenir Tips
You can buy souvenirs related to this beach in the area, or, better yet, in Bandar Lampung.

Other Things to See or Do
You can ride a motorboat to circle the beach and visit Condong & Bule island. Bule Island has many varieties of fish, coral reefs, and marine biota that will amaze you. You can also rent a boat and view the marine life through the wooden boxes that have a glass on them in one side. If you put the box in the sea water using the glassy side on the bottom, you'll be able to view the life in the sea. You can also have a picnic in this beach.

Travel Tips
* If you don't want like crowded beach, visit this site on weekdays.
* Book your room in advance in your hotel/inn of choice.

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How to Get and Accommodation to White Sand Beach in Lampung
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