Sep 26, 2008

First First Asian Beach Games


The Logo of the 1st Asian Beach Games Bali 2008 represents the water element that embodies the sporting event.

The shining sun comes from the emblem of the Olympic Council of Asia and represents its vital role in Asia's sport development and spreading energy created by the solidarity of the OCA.

The selection of the light and deep-blue effects represents the color of Balinese waters.

The two vertical lines represent two ‘Pura’ (Balinese Hindu temple), an image of the gate to a Balinese house of worship which is signifies the ultimate hospitality of the Bali society in honouring and welcoming people from all over Asia.

The two big waves represent the commitment as well as the enthusiasm of the host city to hold the 1st Asian Beach Games.

The letters "BALI 2008" are red to show the spirit of sportsmanship and the typeface selection emphasizes the pride of all athletes competing in Bali.


The Bali Starling (Leucopsar Rothschildi), locally known as “Jalak Bali”, as well as being the official mascot of the 1st Asian Beach Games, is the official mascot of Bali and a bird species endemic to the Island of the Gods.

The Starling was on the verge of near extinction with little numbers remaining in Bali Barat National Park. In 1999, the Begawan Foundation, set up by the creators of the Begawan Giri Estate in Ubud, imported two pairs of the starling to commence the conservation efforts of this important bird. Since then, the Begawan Foundation – Bali Starling Conservation Project has been very successful and has set a significant mark in wildlife conservation by achieving the highest Bali Starling breeding rate in captivity.

The birds were moved to the neighboring island of Nusa Penida where, in collaboration with FNPF’s Nusa Penida Bird Sanctuary, the first release of the birds into the wild was planned. Working together with 35 traditional councils, a local traditional law “awig-awig” was implemented to regulate and sanction the protection of all birds on Nusa Penida.

The bird symbolizes Bali with all its uniqueness and serves as a reminder that the bird, like Bali, is beautiful, yet sacred. It is therefore apt that the official mascot of Bali was chosen as the official mascot for the first Bali Asian Beach Games.

The Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony for the 1st Asian Beach Games Bali 2008 will be held on October 18, 2008 at the GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) in Bukit in Jimbaran . The GWK Covers 239 hectares of land and boasts a statue that was planned to stand taller than the Empire State building in the USA, how ever due to economical reasons, the statue construction was halted in 2003. Wisnu or Vishnu is the Hindu God who is the protector-part of the Hindu trinity, which is Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer. The unique statue of half man half bird will one day be a national landmark. In front of the head of the garuda bird which has already been completed is an open air stage and amphi-theater for various events and ceremonies. The area will comfortably fit about 5000 invitations only guests for the opening ceremony of the 1st Asian Beach Games. “The Opening Ceremony will be a grand opening to the 1st Asian Beach Games. We will present entertainment that will be uniquely Balinese and Indonesian”, hints Mr. Ervan Ibrahim, Director of events and ceremonies for Babgoc. The Closing Ceremony for the Games will also be held at the GWK Venue.

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First First Asian Beach Games
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