Oct 28, 2008

Jaksa Street

Located in Center Jakarta, Indonesia, Jalan Jaksa is the most important tourist and backpacker street in Jakarta is the cheap accommodation, budget friendly restaurants and bars. Every year it celebrates its diverse identity with the annual festival Jaksa Street includes the live music, art exhibitions, craft stalls and sporting competitions. The only goal of the day is fun and entertainment, usually late at night

Jalan Jaksa is a 400-meters street, It is located strategically as an alternative way from Kebon Sirih street to Wahid Hasyim street. From this street, the tourists can go forward to National Museum and Monas, and Gambir Station with a relatively close distance.

Accommodation in Jalan Jaksa Street in Jakarta

Jalan Jaksa Street and its surrounding areas offer a wide range of accommodation options. The street itself offers mainly low-end accommodation with hostels often situated off the main street on alley (gang) running out to the side. Wahid Hasyim Road which dissects the lower end of the street, has plenty of midrange options including the Ibis Hotel. For something a bit more decent, take a few minutes' cab ride to Thamrin Road where you can choose from several four and five star hotels.

Food in Jalan Jaksa Street in Jakarta

The sidewalks of Jalan Jaksa Street abound with countless make-shift eating places known as warungs. A gas burner, an old worked over cooking pan and a small grill fueled with coconut shells adorn the fast food stalls with grilled and fried food being cooked and ready in a few minutes. Fried rice or nasi goreng, fried noodles or mie goreng, satay or small beef kebabs with peanut sauce, grilled fish or ikan baker are the most popular ones. The street also features several cafes and restaurants where you can have the conventional western dishes.

Nightlife in Jalan Jaksa Street in Jakarta

Jalan Jaksa Street has several bars and caf├ęs and what is most delightful about them is that here you can have your favorite beer at a price that costs a little more than it costs to buy from a local supermarket. Whereas, in most of the places in Jakarta, the price of alcoholic beverages can often be higher than in European capitals. Every roadside vendor here also seems to sell beer; ice-packed, beer-filled cool boxes are a common sight here. Some bars also play live music and offer other facilities like a pool table. A mixed crowd of prostitutes, shoddy middle-aged expats and Jakarta youngsters throng these places. However, the new age up-market style bars are coming up with fully air conditioned ambience featuring pool tables and projection screen televisions.

Shopping in Jalan Jaksa Street in Jakarta

Jalan Jaksa Street may be an odd choice for shopping in Jakarta but it can turn out to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sarinah Mall is the handiest place for a last minute shopping. There are several floors selling clothes, souvenirs, batik and the third and fifth floor have two internet cafes. A medium sized supermarket can be found in the middle at the fork leading to jl Kebon Sirih Barat. Fast internet cafes are located on both sides of the supermarket. Travel agencies are on Jalan Jaksa offer worldwide package services.

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Jaksa Street
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