Feb 19, 2009

Purwodadi Botanical Garden

Purwodadi Botanical Garden founded in 1941 for the study of plants growing under relatively dry conditions, the Purwodadi gardens lie about 30 km northeast of Malang just off the Surabaya - Malang main road on the lowest slopes of Mt. Arjuno at about 300 meters altitude. It covers an area of about 85 ha (212 acres).

Purwodadi Botanical garden is a branch of Bogor botanical Garden that has managed by LIPI (Indonesian Scientific Institution). In this area visitor can see various collections of scare and dry plant. Beside this Botanical Garden as a place for recreation but it’s also used as making some research on botany.

Enjoy this nature condition in Pasuruan that will create interesting recreation for the visitor. If you interesting with botanical tour, then this area is suitable to add your tour experience. You also may visit this botanical garden with your family, children or friends.

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Purwodadi Botanical Garden
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