Feb 26, 2009


Baturaden is a mountainous area 14-km from Purwokerto and located on the slope of Mount Slamet in 640-m from sea level. There is a park with a few children plays. Lots of flower sellers, several restaurants and souvenirs sellers. Along the way there are a lot of villas belongs to the rich who stayed in purwokerto and will have those used for special occasions or weekends. There are several smalls waterfall or known as “curug” in local dialect. The most famous ones are pancuran-3 and pancuran-7. Pancuran-7 has a hot sulphuric water, known good to remedy the skin diseases. There is one new strawberry plantation recently opened.

The origin of the name Baturaden is actually consisted of 2 words in Javanese language: Batur (means: servant/friend) and Raden (means the noble), there was a daughter of a noble man who falls in love and run away with her servant, until they arrived to a beautiful and cool place up in the mountain, then they resided there and the place then known as baturaden.

There are 2 more versions of this name. One is baturaden means flat slope, in relation to the mountain. Other story is about the Islamic Disciples who dis the praying in a location where a lot of stones located and then knowingly as many stones.

Wherever the names from, this place has been a local tourist destination to spend a days out, camping for students or only walk there to find and eat some hot snacks.

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