Mar 18, 2010

See Dolphins in the Morning on the Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach BaliLovina Tourism Region is a beach in northern Bali, for travelers who seek tranquility, lovina suitable, because it is far from the hustle and bustle in the southern part of Bali.

Lovina Tourism Region is a coastal tourist area with its main attraction beach with calm sea water, sand blackish color, and coral reefs with tropical fish.

Lovina Beach is located in the village Kalibukbuk, about nine miles west of Singaraja - capital of Buleleng regency. Singaraja own approximately 88 kilometers away from Kuta. Approximately 3.5 hours drive from Kuta / denpasar.

Lovina Beach is very suitable for water recreation such as diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, sailing, rowing and just soak in sea water. Besides the appeal of the above, it can be noted here the dolphins in their natural habitat. Dolphins that hundreds can be seen in the morning, about one kilometer offshore.

Lovina Beach is famous tourist attraction of dolphins, because it's no wonder a statue of a dolphin-shaped high as + / - 5 meters was built near the entrance of the tourist area. A unique case because very few objects in the beach resort island of Indonesia offers dolphin attraction as a tourist mascot.

Dolphins that dive, jump in the water with a string of mountain scenery to the south, reddish sky the sun sign, is a sight that gives the attraction that is very compelling.

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See Dolphins in the Morning on the Lovina Beach
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