Apr 25, 2010

Australasian Rafting Champs 2010

Australasian Rafting Champs 2010Australasian Rafting Champs 2010 will be held in Banjarnegara Serayu River on 22 to 26 April 2010. Serayu River was chosen as the place of international rafting championship, because of the unique location on the edge of the highway, so it can be watched from the roadside. This uniqueness is not owned by other regions in Indonesia. In addition, river flows and challenging track, which also became one of the considerations of the Indonesian Rafting Federation (FAJI) and the International Rafting Federation (IRF) to appoint Banjarnegara as host international rafting championship.

Participants will follow Australasian Rafting Champs 2010 came from 12 countries. They are the rafting team winning the national selection results from the countries of the continent of Asia & Australia, continent of Australia, China, India, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Nepal, New Zealand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and of course the host, Indonesia . There is the possibility of an additional two participants from the Continental European countries, namely Russia and Slovakia. Each country is allowed to send two man teams and two women teams where each team consists of one person team manager, a coach, athlete six people, one person reserve, and one person from the media. Total number of participants is estimated to 20 teams, as many as 200 people. Meanwhile, the Indonesian hosts will represented by Arus Liar and Riam Jeram Sukabumi for the man teams, while Team Kapinis West Java and Gadisu North Sulawesi for the womens teams.

In addition to the activities of rafting, the committee also prepares supporting activities such as Expeditionary Kayak, River Boarding Expeditionary which will be followed by clubs from all over Indonesia, Fun Rafting, Bazar at Location Competition, Entertainment for the Communities, and the Fam Tour to several tourism object.

picture source : serayuadventure.com

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Australasian Rafting Champs 2010
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