Dec 29, 2010

Yogyakarta Alternative Tourism End of Year Holidays

Mount Merapi eruption
End of year holidays was a visit to Bali will certainly booming. The hotels in Bali is full for this end of year holidays. It is mainly in areas south of Bali which was the center of tourism in Bali. At the end of this year's, holiday accommodation facility is already full booked and confirmed there will be traffic congestion in tourist centers like Kuta and Legian Bali. It is recommended for the tourist to avoid Bali at holidays end of the year. Even if it still wants to Bali so tourists can try a vacation to other areas in south Bali as Karangasem and Tabanan in north of Bali.

is now safe to visit after the Mount Merapi post-eruption, so that the city of Yogyakarta to be an option in addition to end of year holidays in Bali.

For information that Merapi Volcano Museum in Dusun Banteng, Desa Hargobinangun, Kecamatan Pakem, Kabupaten Sleman, was reopened since Tuesday, December 21. With the opening back of the Merapi Volcano Museum, the tourists will have a major alternative in addition to the slopes of Merapi volcano tours after post-eruption. Tourists visiting the Merapi Volcano Museum also directly at the same time can enjoy panoramic views of Mount Merapi. In these places is also provided which can be used binoculars to see the sights. The museum is in addition to present information about national and global volcanoes as well as disaster mitigation also later presented his latest collection, two guest books caretaker of Mount Merapi Ki Surakso Hargo or Mbah Maridjan and copies of the Layang Kekancingan from Kraton Yogyakarta to Mbah Maridjan as caretaker of Mount Merapi.

In Yogyakarta there are many unique and exciting combination tour of ancient temples, history, traditions, culture and natural forces. Starting from temple tours, architectural tours, beaches, historical attractions, shopping, museums and monuments, natural attractions, interesting areas, parks and agro-tourism, performing arts, religious tours, daily classes, sports and adventure, until of course, taste the culinary tour. Well, so there will be many interesting activities that will be a very memorable experience for you get with a trip to Yogyakarta.

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Yogyakarta Alternative Tourism End of Year Holidays
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