Jan 21, 2011

Visit Makassar 2011 : Nine International Events

VISIT Makassar 2011 there will at least nine international events. This event does not only rely on the beauty of nature tourism, but also the culture of Makassar.

Ninth events is Makassar Great Sale 2010 and 2011, Sandeg Race 2010 & 2011, Losari Festival 2010 & 2011, parachuting championship, Kite Festival and Arts Festival in Makassar.

Even tourism, consisting of cultural and religious events and will be held at several tourist sites in the city of Makassar, such as Fortress and Losari. In addition, there is also the Makassar Sightseeing, Dance and Cultural Exhibition, and Maudu Lompoa.

Not only that, as an event supporters, Makassar is also scheduled appanuang je'ne ri, cap go meh, mappasili, Accera Kalompoang (laundering heirloom), International Conference Seaweed, as well as bunting mangkasara tradition. There are also activities of the Culture & Night Festival, and Mattalatta Cup 3 for aquatic activities.

Makassar is also currently preparing a national championship Diving, Paskah Akbar, Makassar Fair, KTI Expo and Festival Percuzzi Nusantara.

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Visit Makassar 2011 : Nine International Events
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