Apr 26, 2017

Romeo and Juliet Love Story from East Nusa Tenggara

The love story of Romeo and Juliet also happened in Larantuka, East Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. A lake in Tanjung Bunga Sub-district, Waibao Village is a witness.

It is said that in 1972, a pair of suicide suicide in the lake. Lio and Nela fall in love. The two lovers came from the Tangedei and Kelay hamlets. However, because their love is not sanctioned both decided to drown themselves in the lake. Their body only discovered three days since the tragic event.

Lake of Romance in Larantuka, East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

Miraculously the second corpse is still intact, whereas the lake is full of crocodiles. All the thing that enter into the lake is sure to eat by crocodile.

Since then, the local community gave the nickname of the lake, Lake of Romance. The lake is actually the original name of Lake Weibelen.

Etymologically, the word "waibelen" comes from two words, namely "wai" which means water, and "belen" which means large. Waibelen means large water.

Every tourist who comes, must be washed with lake water by the local caretaker. The goal, so that this new person is not disturbed by the crocodiles.

In addition to the mystical and romantic story, Lake of Romance is also very exotic. Lake as deep as 12 meters is located in the middle of the forest. The water is calm, surrounded by lush trees. When viewed from above, this lake looks almost round with a diameter of approximately 1 kilometer.

Lake of Romance is a lake formed from the eruption of Mount Sodoberawao at 400-500 BC. The location of this lake is only 45 kilometers north of Larantuka, the capital of East Flores Regency.

To get there, from Larantuka we use the car with the travel time of one hour. The road to the lake was winding and rocky. On the left we can see the forests and fields owned by the locals.

Arriving in the lake area, we will see the tree house. There, we can see the direct view of Romance Lake from above.

Then, if we want to see the lake closer we can go down to the lake by passing through the lush forest. The journey from the main road to the lake is about 15 minutes by foot.

Arriving at the lake, we can see various biodiversity. In addition to a variety of plants, we can also see various types of fish.

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Romeo and Juliet Love Story from East Nusa Tenggara
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