Sep 10, 2008

Seloliman - Eco Tourism

Stand on the edge of tropical forest on the slopes of the sacred Penanggungan Mountain with enjoy panoramic views of rice paddy fields, breathe cool, fresh mountain air, learn about Indonesia’s rich and diverse environment also visit traditional rural villages with all villagers daily living

PPLH Seloliman was established in 1990 as Indonesia’s first environmental education centre. Our experienced team can tailor-make an education programme to meet your needs or simply provide an ideal retreat from the heat and crowds of Surabaya and Yogyakarta

PPLH is a not-for-profit, self-supporting initiative and non-government organization (NGO). Working hard to conserve our local environment whilst supporting the needs of the community in Seloliman and beyond


“Building community awareness and protection of a sustainable environment through environmental education. This implemented through programmes and activities which promote individuals’ and communities’ sustainable management of the surrounding environment.”

Ecotourism in the east of the island of Java is closely tied to the PPLH Seloliman environmental education centre. Here visitors can undertake a variety of excursions and participate in PPLH courses and seminars. They can also get an insight into the work of agricultural projects, if they so desire.

Ecological tradition
Sustainability has a tradition of sorts in Seloliman, as it was here, more than 15 years ago, that the first environmental education centre in Indonesia was founded. Ever since its inception, the emphasis of PPLH Seloliman has been the field of organic farming.

Alongside this focus, a diverse range of courses are offered to school classes and other visitors. The entire infrastructure is open to visitors and the general public.

This includes a large auditorium and library, as well as a show garden with livestock.

PPLH Seloliman is anchored in the local community. It is run by Indonesians and provides some 50 people with jobs.

A myriad of activities are available for even outside visitors. The courses and seminars at PPLH are accessible to everyone and active project sites can be visited. Exclusive guided hikes through protected areas of the rainforest are also offered.

The comfortably appointed bungalows and onsite restaurant provide an ideal space for recuperation.

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Seloliman - Eco Tourism
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