Aug 24, 2008


Indonesia, with the capital of Jakarta is one of the most populous countries of the world. This country has about 17,508 islands. It is also the largest archipelagic state in the world. Indonesia is frequently visited by visitors not only from countries like India, Pakistan or other Asian countries but also from all other countries like USA, UK, France and other countries. This country is popular world wide for its exotic locations, sightseeing spots and also for its festivals and events. One of the popular festival and events in Indonesia is the Krakatau Festival.

Krakatau Festival is a festival, which continues for one week. People wait for the whole year to take park in this event. This festival mainly commemorates the eruption in the year 1883.In this eruption of Krakatau numerous people lost their lives. The death toll approximately rose to over 35,000 people. During the Krakatau Festival week many cultural programs are organized by the local artists. Sometimes some international artists also take part. The visitors can even enjoy the art and tourism exhibitions.

There are also some adventurous and recreation activities which are organized during the course of the event. Some of the recreational activities include boat races. In this boat race the visitors can see many boats with different colors and sizes sailing in the blue crystal water of Indonesia. Snorkeling is also the other recreational and adventurous activities, which are organized over here. While snorkeling during the festival the snorkeler get to see many colorful aquatic lives all around him.

Kite competitions and running competitions are the other activities which are held during the week long Krakatau Festival. Moreover while on a tour to this festival the visitors can also embark on a tour to the volcano island, which is clearly visible off the coast of Lampung .one of the popular and renowned sights, which the tourists will come across, is the Krakatau Monument. This monument is generally an extremely large metal buoy, which was washed up in Lampung Bay after the tragic incident. There are also numerous other sightseeing spots and memorials related to the disaster caused by the volcanic eruption which can also be seen around the island. This Krakatau Festival is usually celebrated in the month of august.

Lampung Provincial Government will held the 18th Krakatau Festival starting from 25-31 August 2008, the event will be taking place in the province capital ‘Bandar Lampung’ and several destination in South of Lampung.

The 18th Krakatau Festival 2008 is one of Indonesia national tourism agenda and is considered as one of the core event in Indonesia tourism. The objective of the event is to attract both international and national tourist to visit the province as well as to attract more investor in tourism sector.


- Traditional Lampung Song Competition | 18 – 19 June | RRI Bandar Lampung
- Muli & Mekhanai Competition Lampung | 16- 19 July | Marcopolo Hotel
- Lampung Traditional Pop Song Galore | 26 – 27 July | Bandar Lampung
- Kiluan Fishing Week | 27 – 29 June | Teluk Kiluan

- Opening Ceremony | 25 August | Bandar Lampung
- Cultural Carnival | 25 August | Bandar Lampug
- Krakatau Night | 25 August | Bandar Lampung
- Lampung Cultural Appreciation | 25 August | Bandar Lampung
- Lampung Art Festival | 26-28 August | Graha Wangsa
- Lampung Expo | 26-31 August | Graha Wangsa
- Krakatau Ritual Ceremony | 26 August | Gunung Anak Krakatau
- International Traditional Mask Festival | 26 August | GOR Saburai Parking Park
- Krakatau Tour | 27 August | Mount Anak Krakatau
- Paramotor Attraction | 25 – 27 August | Mount Krakatau
- International Kite Festival | 28 – 30 August | Kalianda Resort
- Krakatau Off Road & Tourism Rally | 25-28 August | Bandar Lampung
- Krakatau Jetski | 26 – 28 August | Gunung Krakatau
- Festival Tambur Nusantara | 28 – 30 August | GOR Saburai
- Closing Ceremony | 31 August | Graha Wangsa

Contact Details:
Dinas Koperindag Provinsi Lampung
Jl.Cut Meutia No. 23 B
Ph. (+62 721) 482612, 488722
Fax. (+62 721) 481440, 482612

Krakatau Festival XVIII 2008 Secretariat
Dinas Promosi Investasi, Kebudayaan & Pariwisata Provinsi Lampung
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 29 Bandar Lampung 35127
Ph. (+62 721) 241457
Fax. (+62 0721) 266184

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