Oct 10, 2008

Derawan Island Popular Diving Destination in Indonesia

Derawan Island is preserve area that went out to sea, part of Sangalaki island, which is located not far from offshore Batu foreland, between Berau and Tarakan. This island has beautiful panorama with clean white coast with adjoining coconut palm forest, and a number of small villages encircle island. This place has known as sea tourism location especially for dive and snorkeling activities. Although situation of outlying, but the popularity of Derawan Island and islands in vicinity increasingly as location sea tourism. The marines around Derawan Island is rich with fish especially a kind of fish that always forage on the surface of water whereas birds fly above it to pounce adrift food on the sea. Green tortoise, which is scarce laid eggs along the Derawan Island beach, is not far from diving Derawan Dive Resort location. You will not meet car or motor in this island while electrics only live a few nocturnal clocks.

Derawan Island Popular Diving Destination in Indonesia

Derawan Island is situated of the west coast of Borneo and is part of the Sangalaki archipelago.

Derawan is an idyllic tropical island with white sandy beaches and coconut palms. Getting to Derawan usually involves a scheduled flight from the UK to Singapore then a second flight to Balikpapan on Kalimantan Island before travelling the final leg of the journey to Derawan by speedboat. Non-divers may consider this location limited in terms of things to do and see, unless the non-diver is content with sun, sand, swimming/ snorkelling and a good book.

The Diving

The seas around Derawan are noted for Manta Rays, particularly at Sangalaki and Kakaban Islands. You are also likely to see schooling tuna, jacks, white tip nurse and leopard sharks. Derawan Island is famous for the abundance of giant green turtles. Some visitors report that frequent.

Derawan Island Diving Destination

Notable Dive Sites

Derawan Island
The Terrains. Sightings of green turtles, white tip, leopard & nurse sharks, barracuda, napoleon wrasse, cuttle fish, Spanish mackerel, jacks, bat fish and the usual reef fish.

Sangalaki Island
Noted for Mantas

Kakaban Island
The prehistoric lake.
Jellyfish that don't sting, sea cucumbers, sea snakes & gobbies

Barracuda Point
As the name suggests. Also possible to see blue tuna and sharks

Maratua Island
5 knot currents make for interesting drift diving with a variety of larger fish sightings including eagle rays.

Best Time to Visit
March to November.

World Wise
The best time for Manta sightings is March-June & September-November
Winds can reduce the viz underwater, but not a serious problem unless intent on wide-angle photography.

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Derawan Island Popular Diving Destination in Indonesia
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